The couple quarreled and made it up on the following day

The couple quarrell is a healthy relationship 😮
It’s like a hot business negotiation. The goal is to find a compromise, which means that the couple will take the other person’s advice.

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A grace and dignity marriage isn’t the most happy every day, would quarrel couple to live the most happy. For most couples, lifetime don’t quarrel is impossible.

But is also a quarrel, and some couples are warming up, others only to end up breaking up. The difference is that whether or not you truly mastered the art of quarrel.
Swedish study showed that is most likely to cause an argument in the couple went to work in the morning of 4 minutes, 4 minutes and came home from work.
This is our physical and mental exhaustion of the moment, it is best not to conflict, otherwise it is easy to escalate.
Especially before going to work to avoid the quarrel, quarreled because it is difficult to make up for, will not happy the whole day💕

Moreover, don’t quarrel before falling asleep at night.

Because it’s the most vulnerable time of the day, when the control is down, it’s easy to lose control of yourself.


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