How did you spend your holidays?

July and August are our vacation days, most people are on vacation with friend/family/lover.  Before the holiday, we will think about where should we spend our vacation and some people will do a good travel Raiders. And I believe most people will choose the beach to spend a holiday because in the summer the beach is a good place for spending a holiday. spending the holiday on the beach, I think a hammock is essential, when you play tired, lying on the hammock to rest, really a pleasant thing. So I want to share some tips on how to choose a good hammock.

First of all, pay attention to the hammock material, if the material is not good, may fall from the hammock. I once saw a video on Facebook, in the video, people fall off the hammock, because the hammock is not good, they just want to rest on the hammock, but fall off unexpectedly.

When you check the hammock material, it is not according to the appearance, the emphasis is on the bearing capacity of this material. For example, a relatively fat person chose a nylon net hammock, Although the nylon net hammock has good breathability, the load-bearing is not very good. the fat person lie on the hammock, the net of hammock may be broken accidentally, so suggest the relatively fat person choose canvas material hammock.

Second, we need to check the strength of the rope, If the rope at both ends of the hammock is not strong, it is very dangerous. Go out to play safety is to be in the first place. so when choosing a hammock, be sure to choose a hammock with thicker and strong ropes at the both ends

Finally, look at the hammock structure, the hammock can be divided into a hammock with a pole and a hammock without a rod. The hammock with a rod is flat, and the person lying on it is free and comfortable, but because of the two rods, the hammock volume and weight are relatively large and inconvenient to carry. the hammock without a rod is very easy to carry because it can be packed in the backpack.

green with sandbeach

Everyone can choose the right hammock according to their own needs. wish everyone has a nice holiday.

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