Holifine Launched Anti-Wear, Anti-Tear and Anti-Dirt Patented 2017 Guitar Hammock for Vacationers

Holifine, a top manufacturer of guitar hammocks, recently launched their anti-wear and anti-tear guitar hammock.

China, 26th February

Holifine, a manufacturer widely known for producing hammocks with innovative designs, recently launched their anti-wear and anti-tear guitar hammocks. The red guitar shaped hammock which the company has launched has anti-dirt properties as well. The manufacturers said that vacationers who have a penchant for music can now have fun while camping or taking a sunbath outdoors by using the guitar hammocks they have specially designed for music and fun loving people.

The guitar hammock red which they have launched is easy to assemble as well as easy to carry. Holifine owners said that easy portability of the guitar hammock is the biggest selling proposition of their recently launched product. The rust prevention technology which they have used in all their hammocks makes the product completely immune against rust as well. The owners also added that they have also used frosted spray paint to paint the surface of the product, which has resulted in a smoother surface.

Holifine anti-dirt guitar hammocks are made of steel pipe materials, which the owners claim are completely safe and stable. However, the owners said that the actual uniqueness of the product lies in its design. They said that the guitar design would appeal the youthful people in general and people who are into music composing would enjoy using these hammocks.

Jesse Jin, a spokesperson for the Shenzhen, China based manufacturing company, told that their guitar shaped hammocks have been patented recently. She claimed that the hammock instills a sense of music, which cannot be found in any other product. The sturdy hook which they have used for making the structure holds the net firmly. She said that the buyers also have this option to buy the guitar hammock through Amazon or eBay, though their own e-store has the option too.

“People who want to enjoy a fine holiday and want a hammock that would resemble their favorite possession – a guitar, would be thrilled to look at this hammock. The structure looks like a guitar, and the net is anti-tear and anti-wear. We believe the vacationers will have a fun time while drooping on this hammock”, said Jesse during a press conference.

About the Company

Holifine is a top manufacturer of guitar frame hammock and many other innovative outdoor products.

To know more, visit https://www.holifine.com/guitar-frame-hammock/ or to check out the features, visit https://www.holifine.com/shop/hammock/guitar-hammock/

Company name: Holifine

Contact name: Jesse Jin

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