Holifine – Our Story

Hi, I am Jimmy Smith, the founder of Holifine and ex-Ikea industrial designer. Today, I am going to tell you the story about how and why I established Holifine.

It all started with a visit to Spain in 2012. I, as a businessman, believed in tireless working will lead to success, even knowing a bit of relaxation will help, but like most, I never practiced the idea. Until one wintertime I was completely beat by months of toiling between factories and clients. I decided to go on a vacation in Spain, where I later realized relaxation should never be just a theory.

An Inspiring Journey

In Spain, I met a Spanish couple – Lopez and Yolanda – in a local beach pub one night, they were very friendly and after some nice chats, they invited me to their house. We were singing and dancing while their son Juan was playing the guitar. Later they invited me to try their hammock. Lopez told me every Spanish household owns a few hammocks as alternative beds, which they even call in their language the sleeping net. The hammock was unexpectedly roomy and comfortable. I was lying in it, staring at the stars, and the next thing I remembered, is that I woke up and it was midday the next day. I had some of the sweetest dreams of my life on that Spanish sleeping net!

After this unforgettable stay in Spain, I came back to my hometown with the best mementos ever – two hand-woven hammocks, one for myself, one for my parents. However, I wasn’t intending to limit it within my family. I wanted to inspire more people with the idea of relaxation and make their moments of leisure unique. With my Ikea business experiences which will help me obtain a considerable pricing advantage from the raw material end, I was sure and excited to launch my own brand! So I gathered a group of product manufacturers/designers/outdoor adventurers/moms and dads who shared the same perceptions with me to start this journey. And one year later, Holifine was born, along with our very first award-winning product- Guitar Hammock!

Why We Are Unique

Making hammocks may seem not so complex to you, but if you want to make them comfortable, durable, affordable, and innovative, then you get a real tough job. At Holifine, we work hard, play hard, and relax hard. We take rest seriously, both ours and yours. It’s our team mission to make your once-in-a-lifetime relaxation happen. Base and bolts, wood and metal, rope and weave each and every part is the best it can be. And each precisely where it needs to be time and again to create items greater than the sum of their parts. And that’s why our products always stand out from the market, whether for hammocks, hanging chairs, garden hose or other stuff we make, they are always top quality and look fantastic, yet offer top value too.

Holifine isn’t only about to make you be enjoyable on a fine holiday, it’s more about to create a comfortable environment for relaxation anytime and anywhere. Whether for reading a book, daydreaming, taking a nap, or a long sleep, we create for you a truly restful atmosphere both functionally and stylistically. To make more people experience what I have experienced in Spain is always the original intention of making our products.

Experience the Spirit of Relaxation With Us

After almost five years of development, Holifine is now a brand that you can see in your backyard, at your poolside, during your camping, or on your vacation. We’ve received tremendous support from our consumers all around the word especially European countries like UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain! But more than that, it is a spirit of relaxation and a way to get back to life…To me, Holifine has never been just business, and I hope it’ll never mean just a product to you.

Thanks, and welcome!