HOLIFINE-Multifunctional moving kitchen

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  • High-density grid design can put more small items
  • Surface furnace plate initial state for the flat mode, you can place the cutting board on its surface cutting food.
  • The surface of the furnace plate in the middle plate removed after the iron wire can be placed on a barbecue pits or other small kitchen utensils for outdoor work.
  • There are two hooks on the left and right side of the screen. Four hooks provide the user with the ability to hang out garbage generated by outdoor activities or to hang other things that you want to hang.
  • We are equipped with two round tubes (when the tube is removed, as shown in the right figure, the furnace plate into the above, the tube can be placed in the bottom fixed iron wire placed spare items); This tube with the panel Free to switch to consumers want to switch to the style
  • Storage small size, can be placed inside the carrying bag with the carry-on, in order to open the journey of love
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Material: zinc alloy
Colour: Black
The use of size: 99.5 * 470 * 179
Packing size: 81 * 14.5 * 49
Net weight: 8.4KG
Gross weight: 9KG


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