Holifine-4-tier Slanting Storage Bookshelf Coffee

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  • With simple structure, you can assemble it easily, remove, maintain and clean. Provided with instruction details, very easy to install with the screws and you can also assemble it as you will. It can also be disassembled, thus saving place
  • Carbon steel material makes the bookcase more attractive and durable
  • With 4 adjustable shelves, the shelf offers plenty of storage space for your books, folders, documents and everything that disorder causes
  • It is very convenient to find and pick up the things you need with an extensible, flexible shelving, which impresses with plenty of storage space and a linear, modern look
  • Over size storage: 4 tiers large storage of full display for home decors, also for shop office, ideally apply in the living room, dining room, study room, bedroom, bathroom, balcony and kitchen living areas

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1. Make sure all parts are intact before assembly and be sure to assemble according to the instructions

2. If there is any unusual situation, please stop and please make sure that all components are assembled before using

3. Avoid being used outdoors in inclement weather conditions and use on flat ground to avoid possible dangers

4. Keep away from children, do not let them sit on the product

5. Do not overtighten the screws and nuts. For each fixed mesh layer, make sure that all 4 contacts are connected

6. Place the heavier items at the bottom, and then place the items evenly on the surface of the mesh layer

7. When moving the bookshelf, make sure that the items on the shelf will not fall off and remain on the pole, not the net

8. Do not use other ways, or change the structure. Clean with dry cloth 1-2 times a month. Do not use acidic detergent to wash and keep dry. Do not use corrosive materials to wash the product from rust and corrosion


Are you looking for a product that has enough big capacity while occupies little space? Try Holifine this new kind of storage shelf
A perfect solution for any home or office with a style to suit, and it’s a very simple way to organize your books or even decorations with this 4 layers


Material: Carbon steel
Net weight: 4.5kg
Gross weight: 5.3kg
Packing size: 111.5 * 36.5 * 6.8cm
Utilise size: 147 * 60 * 35.4cm
Load: Single layer 20kg

Package Contents:

2 * Side frame
2 * Tube of 69cm
2 * Tube of 105cm
1 * Panel of 55 * 22cm
1 * Panel of 55 * 26cm
1 * Panel of 55 * 29.5cm
1 * Panel of 55 * 34cm
4 * Feet
16 * Screw


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