Holifine-5 * 300cm Hammock Strap Black

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  • It is easy to attach
  • High-load, high-density, tear-resistant nylon belt, Max Load: 300kg
  • Easy to assemble, applicable to all hammocks
  • A portable product and the hammocks are not limited to the patio so easy to carry
  • the hammock is not confined to the interior courtyard, also the best choice for camping.

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It is recommended that children use under the direct supervision of an adult.
Do not set the point of support of a sharp object, to avoid damage to the rope.
Prohibit A Substantial swing forward and backward.
Please pay attention to regularly check the degree of wear.
The hammock will sink during use, in this case, please adjust the optimal height for hanging. Please note that the lowest point of the hammock should is about 20 – 40 cm from the floor.


Material: Nylon
Size: 5 x 300 cm/article
Maximum load: 300 kg
Packing size: 10.5 * 10 * 6.5cm


2 x Hammock strap
2 x Circle
2 x Mountaineering buckle



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