Holifine-Solid Color Swing Seat Green

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  • Wide applicability – all corner locations inside and outside the house, not only suitable for adults but also children.
  • Good quality – anti-friction, anti-tear, breathable, durable and stable with a load support max 100kg.
  • A large space – the size of the surface of the canvas is 100 * 130cm and 2 * cushions of 40 * 40cm, the length of the bar has about 100cm.
  • A hammock seat suspension – quiet, comfortable and pleasant for camping telling a story or changing ideas etc.
  • Ecologist material – polyester-cotton (65% cotton and 35% polyester) 1 * hammock chair + 1 * wood stick + 2 * cushions.

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The Holifine hammock has an ecologist and exclusive design. It can be hung indoors and outdoors, it is suitable for all age groups, Max Load:100kg
It is also very easy to pack and carry because of folding design, there are two cushions to add more comfort, it is ideal for your camping or leisure anywhere


1.When using the hammock, do not overload
2. The support of the hammock chair must be firm
hanging height within 1 meter to prevent accidental fall
3. Do not tie the rope to a sharp support point, to avoid damage to the rope
4.the rope must be inspected before use
5. This product is not fireproof, must stay away from fire
6.To ensure the ground around the hammock is clean and smooth, avoiding the presence of hard objects such as gravel and branches. use it on grass as far as possible
7. For safety, check the ropes on both sides regularly
8. When using the hammock, do not forcefully swing the two ropes
9. Children must use under guardianship


Material: Polyester-cotton (65% cotton and 35% polyester)
Stick length: 100cm, Diameter:3.5cm
Size of fabric: 100 * 130cm
Size of cushion: 42 * 42cm
Max load: 100kg


Delivery contents:

1 *Hammock Chair
1* Wood Stick
2* Cushions


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