A long, long time ago, a little girl longed for a hammock. It seems like thin and dense woven hammock  spinned with the thread made of cloud, it make you  want to sit on it and sway gently. “Isn’t the hammock like a cradle? Isn’t it like a soft boat floating in the air?” Tie the hammock in the middle of two towering trees, fall asleep in them, maybe dream of their becoming a free bird. However, there isn’t any tree can hold the hammock in the little girl’s yard, even one never.

Early in the summer, when the flower & tree market openes in the town, the little girl took out all her savings, bought two maple saplings that have thiner branches than the little fingers . “You are so small at present, but you will grow up without doubt, will grow strong and sturdy enough to hold up the hammock. Now I put you into the ground, please grow up quickly.” Little girl said, focused her eyes on the saplings bending her body. Since then, she continuosly watered, fertilized, cultivated these two for the saplings solemnly every day.

Many years went by since then, in the summer of this year, two white hammocks are swaying between two maples. Above the hammocks the green leaves branches grow like a beautiful sun umbrella for people to relax under. In the shade of the tree hammocks, the two children are talking. “I heard this maple is planted by our grandmother’s grandmother.” “That’s true, grandma’s grandmother left these two trees for us.” The maple leaves sway with the sound of music emitting refreshing fragrance, depicting the story of the little girl long, long time ago.

Later, the children grew up, went on summer vacation in the university, then gathered under the trees and hang up a hammock between the trees. A boy named Jimmy sitting on the hammock played the guitar, they listened quietly, looking at the distance, looking forward to the future. They grew up admitted by different universitys. Then it became difficult to get together again and they cherish the time now very much. Jimmy lied in the bed back home, recalling the old days when the two trees and hammocks accompany their growing up pace, watching over the guitar hanging on the wall, in his mind flashed up a picture.

He grabbed the paper and pen and drew up a pair of hammers with a guitar head shaped hammock stand on the paper. He thought if the hammock inherited their common memory and love, why not make up a convenient & portable hammock? No matter where he goes, he will aways feel the nostalgia and love. After several rounds of manuscripts, a complete guitar-shape hammock design was completed. Jimmy took the design draft and asked the master craftsman to produce the guitar hammock out. In a fine holiday, a piece of novel work with the sense of art was born. Jimmy also named his hammock as Holifine guitar hammock, meaning enjoy our life during a fine and happy holiday.

Holifine is a creative hammock designing, maunfacturing and marketing brand established in recent 2 years by Jimmy, who is also the former Ikea industrial designer in Swizerland. His master piece – guitar hammock will technically cause a Tsunami in the leisure time recreation and home decorating fashion field for its creative fashion design and outstanding user experience.